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I first met David Rothstein from Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein after being released on bond for an arrest on charges called “Domestic battery with Strangulation” In short, I was accused of putting my hands around my wife’s throat during an argument. She was not actually strangled, or even hurt, but that’s irrelevant. This is a much more serious charge than “Domestic Violence” which can be as little as touching someone’s arm or hand.

Without going into the specifics of what happened, I’ll tell you that I was horrified about the whole matter. My daughter was just 1 year old at the time, and I was told right away that I wouldn’t be able to see her for a long time. This didn’t seem fair, because she was not present when this occurred. There was talk of jail time for the offense. The court then offered 2 years of probation (I had no criminal record) along with an order that I would only be able to see my daughter in the presence of whoever the court deemed appropriate, be drug tested, etc.
My wife and I wanted to seek counseling, and work this out as a family. She and I knew the truth about what had occurred. We knew we had a problem. But we agreed that the state prosecutor and the court system did not seem to have our interests, and most importantly the best interests of our child, at heart.

Mr. Rothstein got extremely involved. We had long conversations in his offices that I know I was never billed for on time basis. He cared. He actually listened to me. He understood how I felt as an accused felon, as a father. I refused to take the plea agreements offered by the prosecutor. He advised me on what was possible, and did everything he could to keep me out of jail, and worked toward the ending that would reunite my family.

In time, the entire case was dismissed. Now, my daughter is five years old, and my wife and I are happy. Nobody uses violence in our family. We do argue. After all, it’s been almost 30 years! But we handle it as a family.

When I look into my daughters beautiful eyes, I give thanks for all the blessings that have made our lives together possible. Marc knows I’m a devoted father; we keep in touch. And it is my hope that after reading this you understand that Mr Rothstein is a guy you want on your side.