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On March 31st 2014, I got arrested and was charge with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon and Firing a a firearm within a moving vehicle. At that time my family and I were in dire need of a good but affordable attorney; and Attorneys at Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein was whom my family and I chose to represent our legal matters. The attorneys handling my case, Marc Cohen and Benjamin Bradshaw, tell you exactly how it is and what you should and need to know. No sugarcoating. Once hired, they proceeded to work on the case as soon ASAP and always trying his best get the case to drop. He truly cares about his clients. The first deal the state offered me was a three years prison or we could go to trial, but if we lose face 20 years in prision, we rejected the plea. After many motions, depositions of the witness, victim, and the arresting officer to prove to the state that they can’t prove their charges the state still refused to drop the case and didn’t want to corporate with us with a lesser deal or a case dismissal. Marc and Ben kept working as hard as they could do resolve the case which would be in our favor. Many motions were filed just so that the state would be able to prove the charges and they couldn’t. Marc and Benjamin would always show up to court with me and ready to fight and represent for me. A year and a few months after rejecting many plea deals in order to solve the case, they were able to get the state to only charge me with “Discharging a firearm in public” which is a 1st degree misdemeanor. The reason he couldn’t get the whole case to drop was due to my confession to the police officers I made during my arrest which I confessed that I did discharge the weapon but there was never any act of aggravated assault occurred nor any crimes being committed, but the state believed otherwise. Also, Marc was willing to work with me and my family in regards to payment and not once stopped working on the case because he didn’t get paid. Even when we owed him, he continued to defend my case. They really knows their stuff and very knowledgeable in what they do. Finally, I was charge with a misdemeanor and not felonies. I didn’t have to do any probation, prison, jail time or pay a fine. I just had to pay standard court cost. So, On April 24th of 2015 I walked out the court house and everything was over with. As a result, my family and I shall forever thank Marc and Benjamin and their team for helping me get through this without any jail, prison or probation. I certainly will never forget what he has done for me and i my family. I would recommend Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein to anyone or family members and friends of mine.