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I hired Attorney Marc Cohen in July 2014.  My husband and have used his services four times with excellent results. In July of 2014 I was charged with four serious felonies in Washington, D.C. The prosecutor wanted to skip my due process and send me to prison for the three years minimum sentence.


My bond was set at $130,000.00. Marc got this reduced to $26,000.00.  For six months it looked like the district had an iron clad case against me. Mr. Cohen worked tirelessly and eventually formulated an entrapment defense. His unprecedented understanding of law and research is the only reason this was uncovered. He was nothing short of amazing.

Month after month he worked toward the goal of proving his case. He wrote and won countless motions for discovery, and subpoenaed then deposed the informant that was used by the police, the detectives, and other witnesses. He kept winning. The tables began to turn in my favor.

Mr. Cohen then wrote a motion for dismissal, It was so well written, and reading it convinced me that I had a real shot. Finally on the afternoon before my court appearance for motion to dismiss, my husband phoned me to tell me that I would not be appearing that next morning. I was not expecting the next words from him, but never the less there it was, “your case has been dismissed”!!!
I was overwhelmed to say the least.

I will say without a shadow of a doubt that my attorney is nothing short of amazing. He did something that in Washington DC is unheard of!!!!

The Attorneys at Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein is and will always be my Hero!!!!!

Beverly, Beverly